Дървено Не се сърди човече

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Don't be mad man - Description of the wooden game


Don't Be Angry Man is a popular children's and family game. It is a classic game for two, three or four children. We at PLAYSENSE, as official importers and distributors of VIGA toys, offer you a different vision of the wooden Don't Be Angry Man. The playing field is halved and unfolds in two. The wooden box of the Don't Be Angry Man game closes with a metal buckle and is convenient for storing the wooden elements, making it easy to carry. Contains 16 pawns (wood frogs, bees, ladybugs, butterflies) and four dice for each player. These cheerful wooden figures are hand-painted in the four primary colors.


How to play don't be mad man?


The game of Don't Be Angry Man starts by choosing a color and the corresponding wooden gloves, bees, ladybugs or butterflies. They are stacked on the same color from the playing field. Each player plays for himself. They take turns rolling the dice to get to the starting position. Whoever rolls the most points equal to six starts first. Re-rolls the die and moves the wooden pawn counting the corresponding number of squares. To get out of the field, you have to go all the way and then reach the center of the box. If you step on a foreign wooden piece of a different color, it returns to its original starting position. The game Don't Be Angry Man is won by the player who has managed to reach with all four wooden pawns the corresponding central triangle of the game board.


Don't get mad man is suitable for children over 3 years old.


It is equally interesting for adults due to its fun nature. With it, children learn to distinguish colors, shapes, count the multiples of points on the dice, connecting them to the corresponding number. The game Don't get angry man has a competitive nature where children learn rules, count and have fun. With this educational game, children learn to draw a strategy and analyze in an entertaining way. This supports the development of children's logical, combinative thinking and imagination.


The wooden Don't be angry man by VIGA toys is a suitable game for every child and family who loves fun and entertaining games.


The wooden "Don't be angry man" has an EN71 material quality and safety certificate  .

Manufacturer: VIGATOYS

VALANI Trade OOD is the official distributor and importer of VIGATOYS for Bulgaria.


You can find the product in  the PLAYSENSE store  at:

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Sofia - 100 Cherni Vrah Blvd.,  Paradise Center

Plovdiv - 7 "Hristo G. Danov" street/opposite the Puppet Theater/


Dimensions of the wooden do not be angry man:



Weight: 0.560 kg.


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