Дървено голямо училищно сметало

  • Марка: Viga
  • Кат. номер: 50561
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A large calculator for schools and kindergartens


The large abacus is a suitable pedagogical aid for schools and kindergartens, an indispensable teacher's assistant for the visual presentation of units, sets, as well as for the presentation of mathematical operations. It has a large wooden frame of a classic abacus with a hundred colored balls grouped in tens. Children are always impressed by its size, as well as by the hundred multi-colored large wooden balls.


This children's calculator is a suitable aid for comparing quantities, forming sets, counting and calculating. The child gets to know colors, numbers, sets. We count with these beads by placing the first bead and saying "1" and when placing the next one, "2" and so on. The toddler tends to say 1 for each new bead he adds. He says 1,1,1 instead of 1,2,3. A major difficulty for 3-4-year-olds when learning to count is the fact that a group is enlarged by the addition of a new unit and that this enlarged group must be perceived as a whole. the abacus comes to the rescue. Moving balls and connecting them in quantities is a pleasant game for children. Counting the individual balls on the wooden skewers one after the other, the child builds separate groups /sets/, thus comparing them by size. And the individual beads from the abacus can be distinctly counted. The child successively adds one unit after another to get their total.


Counting the individual units gives the child the concept of a numerical group. By moving and matching the beads on the individual wooden rails, children can add, subtract, and then multiply and divide numbers.


The wooden abacus has an EN71 material quality and safety certificate  .


Product dimensions: 600x815x300mm


Manufacturer: VIGATOYS

VALANI Trade OOD is the official distributor and importer of  VIGATOYS  for Bulgaria.


You can find the product in  the PLAYSENSE wooden toy store  at:

Sofia - 55 "Tsar Simeon" St

Sofia - 100 Cherni Vrah Blvd., Paradise Center

Plovdiv - 7 "Hristo G. Danov" street/opposite the Puppet Theater/


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